Xiaomi Mi Band 8 Smart

Whether you’re an avid hiker or someone who enjoys the occasional outdoor adventure, having a reliable fitness tracker can significantly enhance your experience. The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 8, with its robust features and improved design, is a device that can cater to your hiking needs. This comprehensive review will delve into the specifics of the Mi Smart Band 8, comparing it to its predecessor, the Mi Smart Band 7, and highlighting its potential benefits for hikers.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 8 Review: Unboxing and First Impressions

The Mi Band 8 package includes the band, a magnetic charging cable, and some paperwork. It’s worth noting that the charging cable for the Mi Band 8 is not compatible with the Mi Band 7, and vice versa. The same applies to the wristbands.

The Mi Band 8 adopts a more mature watch-like design, moving away from the capsule design of its predecessor. This design change, coupled with the ease of detaching the band, makes it a practical and stylish accessory for hikers.

Design and Build Quality

The Mi Band 8’s design is not only visually appealing but also practical for outdoor activities. The side part is made of plastic with a glossy finish, providing a sleek look.

One of the highlights of the new generation is the variety of wristbands available. Xiaomi offers a range of styles to suit different tastes, allowing hikers to choose a band that matches their hiking gear.

Performance and Features

The Mi Band 8’s performance is quite impressive, especially for hikers. The screen is 16% brighter than its predecessor, and Xiaomi has added an auto-brightness sensor and a 60Hz refresh rate. These features make it easier to view the screen in various outdoor lighting conditions.

However, the Always-On display feature may not be very useful for most users due to its dimness.

The Mi Band 8’s battery life is also worth noting. With the 60Hz refresh rate, the device can last for about 4-6 days, which is suitable for short hiking trips. For longer trips, the battery life can extend to about 10-14 days if you turn off some of the health monitoring features.

Software and User Experience

The software of the Mi Band 8 has seen some upgrades. However, it’s worth noting that buying the Chinese version of the band before the global version is released might not be a good idea.

The Mi Band 8 offers new watch faces, some of which are designed specifically for branded accessories. There’s also the option to play games, which is implemented through the watch faces.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

The Mi Band 8 is a significant improvement over its predecessor, making it an ideal companion for hikers. Its new screen, wristband attachment, and improved features make it a worthy investment.

However, it’s advisable to wait for the global version to be released. The cost of this bracelet when it hits the global market will be no less than around ~ 40 $, which is not cheap. For this money, you can already take a watch like the Halo rs4, which looks no worse than the original Apple Watch.

There is also a version with NFC, but in our country, there is no use for it. So, if you need contactless payment, the last bracelet that supports it is the Mi Band 7.

In conclusion, the Mi Band 8 is a reliable and stylish fitness tracker that can enhance your hiking experience. Its robust features and improved design make it a worthy investment for any hiker.

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