Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent Review

Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent is made of polyester and is 59” in height. The poles are fiberglass and when it is completely folded and put in the bag it transports at approximately 11 lbs. with all the components in the tote bag that are included.
The floor is of a polyethylene material and includes a welded floor and seams that are a patented design called WeatherTec that ensure dryness. The tent’s size of approximately 94x82x49 can comfortably sleep four adults or up to six children comfortably with enough room to move around. There is a ground vent and the windows have large, screened openings that move the air efficiently within the tented space. There are also pockets on the inside of the tent for storing gear and other items. When the tent is raised, the zippered door includes a half screen to keep out bugs.

For set up, the pole sleeves are smooth and have a continuous fabric to alleviate any issues with snagging. The design includes a rain-fly awning for protection from inclement weather and continuous sun.

Pros: Easy set up:
Set up can be done in less than 20 minutes for even a novice tent user. The poles are already connected with strings, so you do not have to figure out which ones go together. The rain shield component went on without a lot of effort and can be manipulated by the cords on it to be moved away from the vents. Driving the tent pegs that are included into the dirt was not difficult and one adult or several teenagers could set it up and take it down which is just as easy.

Spacious accommodations:
A queen-sized air mattress will fit inside the tent and still give four people ample room on all sides to move around in the approximately 9ft. x 7 ft. interior. If two people use it, then the rest of the area can store gear and quite a few backpacks with room to spare. This would include any animals that you bring and you want them to sleep in the tent with you.

Dryness guaranteed:
No need to buy any seam sealer as an additional safeguard with this tent. Whether there is rainy weather or just regular overnight moisture that accumulates around the exterior on the tent and underneath, the area inside will remain dry. An optional ground covering tarp underneath the floor of the tent is not needed.

Convenient interior pockets:
The added storage space can also be used to hold flashlights at night as an indoor lamp.

Additional floor to wall material:
The patented WeatherTech floor material comes up four inches all the way around the walls of the tent for additional security from water or any other sediment that could seep into the interior of the tent.


Not for extreme cold weather:
Because this tent model is vented well, it is not a recommended choice for cold-weather camping.

Consider optional tent stakes:
Although the tent comes with adequate tent stakes, they are thin and may not last very long if you are an avid camper. Invest in the more durable, thicker stakes.

No added tarp:
Many campers prefer to put down an additional layer of floor beneath their tent for added security from dampness. This tent does not come with what is called a “footprint” or tarp layer.

Door Screen:
The zippered door does not have a full screen in it, so there is some exposure to bugs and other elements that could enter the interior of the tent if the door is left unzipped.

Overall Review:

the Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent is a great choice for a novice or seasoned tent dweller in terms of ease of set-up, interior space including storage capacity, and the overall design and material that alleviate any need to buy additional layers to ensure dryness and comfortability. This tent will last a long time.

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