Best Beach Gear. We Know What To Bring To The Beach!

Checklist 2020

Beach Tents & Canopies

You also need Beach Tents & Canopies so that you can get out of the sun and avoid getting overheated or burned. There isn’t normally any shade at the beach so you will need to bring your own. Having your own shade also ensures that you will be able to get comfortable wherever you are.

Beach Chairs 

Beach Chairs are an absolute must for your beach packing list. You want to choose one that has a cup holder, and that folds up easily so that it is easy to transport and so that it fits into your vehicle along with all of your other beach items.


Beach Wagon/Cart

Unless you want to makes multiple trips from your car to your spot on the beach you should have a Beach Wagon/Cart to help you haul everything in one go. It is also handy to keep everything in one place and sand-free while you are relaxing on the beach.

Beach Towels

You will also need Beach Towels, of course, and it may seem obvious, but towels are one of those things that get forgotten. You’ll need them to dry off with after you go swimming and you’ll also want a nice big beach towel to lie on while basking in the sun.


Beach Blankets

Beach Blankets are another must for those days there is a chilly wind, and you want to stay a little warm. You can just wrap it around yourself and keep the chill away. They are also great to throw under your beach towel to keep the sand off of it.

Full face
snorkel mask

If you are planning to get in the water, you will want a few toys to make your time in the water more fun. A snorkel mask full face is perfect for hunting for hidden treasures in the water. It also gives you another activity to do.


Underwater Action Camera

When you are on vacation, there always seems to be plenty of opportunities to take pictures even when you are in the water so you will want to bring an underwater Action Camera. That way you won’t miss any photo opportunities.


Of course, you will not be able to charge any of your electronic devices when you are on the beach so you will want to bring a Powerbank. That way you can enjoy your devices without having to worry about long the batteries will last.


Sunscreen Lotion 

If you are in the sun, there is always a chance that you will burn so you will need to bring lots of Sunscreen Lotion so you can apply it throughout the day and prevent a sunburn. That way you won’t have to suffer for days after you get home.

Water Shoes

When deciding what to bring to the beach, it all depends on what you are planning to do, but it never hurts to be prepared. Water Shoes are a great thing to bring so that you can enjoy yourself even if the beach happens to be rockier than you expected.


Waterproof Dry Bag’s

A waterproof Dry Bag’s a great way to keep your dry clothes dry so that you don’t have to wear soggy clothing. You can also store other things in it that you’d like to keep dry. It’s also a handy and convenient way to carry your things to the beach.

Waterproof Phone Case

There’s nothing worse than ruining your expensive phone while you are trying to enjoy some R&R, so it is important to protect it from water and sand. A waterproof Phone Case will ensure that you keep your phone safe and won’t have to get it repaired when you get home.