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Explore the pros and cons of solo hiking as discussed by experienced hikers. Understand the risks, precautions, and the thrill of this adventurous activity.


Solo hiking is a topic that often sparks a heated debate among outdoor enthusiasts. Some view it as a dangerous and reckless activity, while others see it as a thrilling and liberating experience. This article delves into a lively discussion from the r/hiking subreddit, where hikers share their thoughts, experiences, and advice on solo hiking. We’ll cover:

  • The concerns and fears associated with solo hiking
  • The precautions and preparations solo hikers take
  • The benefits and joys of hiking alone

The Concerns and Fears

The discussion was initiated by a user planning a solo hike on a challenging trail. Their partner expressed strong concerns about the potential dangers, including the risk of injury, getting stranded, or even having a medical emergency like a seizure. These concerns are not unfounded. Solo hiking does come with risks, and it’s essential to acknowledge them. However, as many users pointed out, these risks can be managed with proper precautions.

Precautions and Preparations

Many experienced solo hikers chimed in to share their safety measures. One user, who had hiked thousands of miles alone, emphasized the importance of taking precautions and being prepared. Another user, planning a 25-day solo hike, stressed the importance of informing someone about your route and expected return time.

One hiker shared their strategy of underestimating their abilities and turning around if anything starts to feel sketchy. They also recommended starting with less challenging hikes before attempting a class 3 hike solo.

The Benefits and Joys of Solo Hiking

Despite the risks, many hikers passionately defended the practice of solo hiking. They highlighted the sense of freedom, the opportunity to connect with nature, and the satisfaction of overcoming challenges on their own. One user shared their experience of hiking in backwood wilderness areas, emphasizing that you’re never truly alone on the trail.


Solo hiking, like any outdoor activity, comes with its risks and rewards. The key to a safe and enjoyable solo hike lies in thorough preparation, cautious decision-making, and a healthy respect for nature’s unpredictability. Whether you choose to hike solo or not, the most important thing is to stay safe and enjoy the journey.

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