Review: Marmot Odyssey 4 Tent – 4-Person, 3-Season

The Odyssey 4 Tent – 4 Person, 3-Season from Marmot is the popular adventure brand’s attempt at bringing 2017 technology to a tent for the modern camper. The specifications for the product include lightweight aluminum poles that are designed for durability, two “D” shaped doors, two vestibules, and has interior pockets. The product has had mostly positive reviews but we decided to take a deeper look into these reviews and found both pros and cons in them.
Marmot Odyssey 4 Tent - 4-Person, 3-Season

Tent Cons: When using the tent, some users found the door flaps to be a bit faulty. Marmot advertises 3-season capability but unfortunately this tent might only be good for perfect weather usage during the summer when nights are calm and days are void of rain, wind or snowfall. Fall winds, winter snowfall and spring rain may prove to be an issue for the double “D” shaped doors as wind from outside was let into the tent. If wind can get through then one must be worried about other elements from outside find their way inside. Additionally, the heaviness of the tent is not very ideal for people that are looking to make long trips through the desert or woods or whatever environment you find yourself in. A lighter version would definitely make the tent more manageable for people carrying a lot of gear. The flimsy design might also be an issue if you are planning to make long term use out of it. Tent Pros: The spacious interior provides a resting area for, like the product advertises, sleep four people. The tent also proved to be a great one for use in the summer as the mesh in the doors provide cross winds that would not otherwise be picked up other tents. As a result it can keep you cool in the summer where tents without mesh designs might not be able to do so. Another pro includes set up time which includes very little fuss and is faster than average among other similar tents. Pricing is another pro that this tent takes advantage of. For the quality of the tent and the mesh doors that provide a cooling effect, it has a price that is lower than average for tents that are similar. Overall: Though the tent may not be able to withstand very stronger headwinds or heavy rainfall and maybe very heavy, it is perfect for use in the summer thanks to it’s built in mesh door design. It is also spacious and child and pet friendly which is difficult to find in most tents. Overall this seems like a good tent to buy for the price but understand that the optimal season to use it would be during the hot summer.


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