How to Wash Your Membrane Clothes

Clothing made of membrane boasts great popularity due to its high strength, convenience and the presence of other decent attributes that often aid performance. Since membrane clothing is quite popular, it is not uncommon to find questions about how to wash membrane clothing in a washing machine so as not to damage it. In fact, difficulties are rare, as it is quite easy to wash membrane clothing, and this task can be easily done at home. If you don’t already know exactly how to wash your membrane clothing in a washing machine, this guide will help you understand what is a membrane wash.

What should I remember before washing my membrane clothes?

Laundering membrane clothing is a delicate matter, and despite some simplicity, it requires the right approach. If you want your membrane jacket to be washed successfully, remember what you shouldn’t do:

Soak it for a long time. Of course, you should soak your clothes before washing them with the membrane, but you should not leave them in water for long periods of time. In addition, sometimes, if the dirt is not excessive, you can wash the membrane items by hand without dangerous soaking.

Squeeze after washing. It is certainly possible to squeeze clothes, but the main point is to do it as carefully as possible, without twisting or stretching things – this can inevitably spoil the material and cause it to lose its attractive appearance and original shape. Spinning in a machine is categorically not advised.

Laundry in the washing machine. Many people are wondering if it is possible to wash membrane clothes in a machine. In fact, they are highly discouraged from doing so, as the aggressive effects of automatic washing can have a negative impact on the quality of the product. It is better to use dry cleaning or hand washing.

Use aggressive products. Never add bleaching agents, air conditioners or stain removers to the water before washing the membrane – these active chemicals can inevitably spoil the product. You should also only use a quality membrane cleaner.

In some cases, the manufacturer allows you to use a machine for washing, but in this case, there are many nuances, for each of which should be done. For this reason, before you wash your membrane garments, look at their labels with recommendations for washing and care. Now that you know how to wash membrane in manners that are not recommended, it is time to find out how to wash the membrane so that you don’t regret doing the laundry.

The rules for hand-washing clothes made of membrane

As you might have guessed earlier, the washing of the membrane must be taken as seriously as possible. Before you wash a membrane suit or other product made of this material, be sure to remember the following recommendations:

1. Check your clothes for foreign objects in your pockets. All foreign objects must be removed before washing a membrane jacket or other item made of membrane material.

2. If the jacket has fur, it must be removed. If it is not possible to unbuckle the fur in your jacket, it must be wrapped in a plastic bag and tied tightly to prevent it from getting wet when washing.

3. Before you wash the membrane jacket, remove all fittings and zippers, buttons and buckles, and anything decorative. Nothing should hang loose when washing and metal objects should not oxidize.

4. How do I wash the membrane fabric? Fill a container with warm water at a temperature of 30 to 40 degrees in sufficient size, then dilute it with the necessary amount of quality special detergent.

5. Drop the membrane clothing in water and start washing it. Do this gently but quickly to minimize the product’s time of contact with water. Before you wash the clothes from the membrane, it is advisable to immediately remember where the stains are on the clothes so as not to waste time looking at them empty.

6. In case some stains do not disappear, use a brush. Before you wash the membrane jackets and other items, immediately place the brush or sponge next to you.

7. After the laundry is finished, clothes should be rinsed under cold water. Now you can start pre-drying – soak clothes with napkins to soak in water.

You have received an answer to the question of how to wash your jacket with your hands, but for some it may seem insufficient. Many people actually wonder how to wash the membrane in the washing machine so as to avoid many problems with clothes. This manual will therefore address this issue as well.

Safely washing membrane clothing in a washing machine

So, how do you wash membrane clothes in a washing machine? Despite the manufacturers’ warnings you can do it, but in this case you will act only at your own risk. Here are some tips:

Before you wash the down jacket with the membrane, put it in a bag for washing delicate fabrics. This should be done in order to significantly reduce aggressive physical influences and protect your belongings.

The temperature should be set to 30 degrees before washing membrane items.

Only special liquid detergents designed for washing membranes should be used.

The squeeze must not be used; it must be switched off before washing the membrane clothes in the machine.

The most delicate of all modes should be used; it is advisable to use the hand wash mode.

Rules for proper drying of membrane clothes after washing

To avoid wasting time immediately before drying, please read the rules for drying membrane products before washing your jacket with a membrane. There are few useful tips, but each is extremely important:

Membrane clothing should only be dried horizontally in the flattened position.

Do not artificially speed up the drying of the membrane clothing; do not place the clothing near open flames, heaters or in direct sunlight – things will inevitably deteriorate.

To make the drying process faster and risk-free, after washing place the membrane clothes outdoors, or leave them in a well-ventilated room or one with artificial ventilation.

Do not hang the membrane products on a rope, thus placing them in an upright position. The object may stretch under the influence of its own weight and lose its original appearance.

Repeat all the rules in this manual before washing membrane clothing with your hands or in a washing machine. Also, before you wash the membrane jumpsuit, think carefully – it may be better to give your expensive items to a dry cleaner who can do the job 100% safely. In any case, you already know how to wash clothes made of membrane, so you can now choose!

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