How to wash sneakers in the washing machine?

Sports shoes, given their direct purpose and complex structural structure, are contaminated much more often than any other piece of clothing. And though cleaning from the outside is much easier, the interior is almost inaccessible. Therefore, for hygienic reasons sneakers occasionally need to be completely cleaned. Many people use a proven method – soak sports shoes in warm soapy water, using various improvised means.

But can I put them in a washing machine? How will the machine mode affect the product’s appearance and will their structure be preserved? Loss of shape and loosening of individual parts is the main risk in this process, so it is better to use partial cleaning if needed. However, returning to the previous question, it should be noted that the shoes for sports can be washed in a machine, as modern technology has many gentle modes that provide gentle washing.

Recommendations for washing sneakers in a washing machine

The machine wash can handle not only heavy soiling, but also fill your shoes with fresh smells. This method will also free up time for other concerns to be attended to. How do I wash my shoes correctly and at what temperature? It is recommended to follow simple but important rules, taking all necessary steps in stages:

Take a look at your sports shoes. If your shoes have glued parts on them or if their integrity has been partially compromised, it is best to avoid washing them in a machine. All parts must be stitched properly.

Remove dirt and small stones from the soles. Use a brush and any other handy tool. It is also a good idea to keep your shoes under water to wash off any residual dirt.

You should take out your shoelaces and insole. You can put them in the washing machine with the sneakers or clean them manually. This way, sports shoes will be cleaned much better.

Use a special shoe bag. This is necessary to avoid damage to the drum of the automatic machine as well as the porthole. If such a device is not available, old towels can be placed on the products, which will reduce vibration and improve the quality of washing.

Set the temperature. The temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. This will not affect the integrity of individual elements and will ensure good results.

Select a mode. Each modern automatic machine is equipped with a delicate mode that provides gentle washing, but it is better to use the special program for washing shoes if it is provided by the manufacturer.

Use powder. If there is a necessity to wash a dark pair of sneakers it is better to apply liquid, which will not leave visible marks. It is also possible to add bleaching powder without chlorine to white sneakers.

Turn off unnecessary programs. It is not recommended to use squeezing when washing shoes, and the drying function should not be activated. This can lead to loss of product shape and other deformations.

Press the “Start” button. Keep an eye on the process and wait for a beeper to sound when it is finished.

You must not dry sport shoes on heaters, but you can put them close by tilting the tongue. You can also use the tried and tested method of filling your sneakers with mint paper without colored paint. In summertime it is sufficient to leave a clean pair outdoors, but not in direct sunlight.

Washing leather sneakers in an automatic machine

Sneakers made of high-quality genuine leather can be safely sent to the washing machine. If your dirty shoes are from a well-known and reliable manufacturer, the material will not crack or deform (if you follow the recommended washing mode). However, there are still some exceptions. Leather sports shoes must not be washed in the dispenser:

-) with reflectors and other parts that may come off;
-) with battery-powered LED backlighting, which can disable electronic elements;
-) with rhinestones and stones that may come off when washed and clog the drain.

If you have noticed that the white rubber sole has not been washed properly (which can be traced back to a delicate mode when heavily soiled), a shoe or old toothbrush with a toothbrush will help correct the situation.

Laundry features of suede sports shoes in the washing machine

Suede is a very delicate material, the main enemies of which are water and chemical reagents. Because of this, suede shoes can quickly lose their appeal, so it is better to use special products to clean them, waiting for complete drying. Fortunately, suede sports shoes can be placed in a washing machine. But before you do, you need to make sure that the product does not have any damaged spots, and all the details are well stitched.

In this case, the correct mode and temperature, which should not exceed 30 degrees, and the presence of a grid for washing is important. Do not dry suede sneakers near heaters. If your products have been damaged by lint after drying, you can hold them over steam until they are straightened. It is important to note that the machine clean will wash out the moisture protection coating, which must be repaired with a special product.

These recommendations apply exclusively to summer sports shoes, as winter leather and suede shoes can be spoiled by machine washing. In general, the use of washing household appliances for cleaning sneakers made of natural materials does not have negative consequences. If you follow the recommendations, your favorite pair of sports shoes will retain their original appearance for a long time.

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