How To Wash a Down Jacket?

Follow these tips and your down coat will be good as new.

The down coat is a jacket filled with waterbird fluff. However, not everything that we now call down is filled with exclusively natural material.

How to prepare to wash a down jacket

1. Look for information from the manufacturer on the down jacket label. Often there are recommendations on how to take care of the product.

2. The label also indicates what the down coat is made of. The top cover is often made of synthetic fabrics that are resistant to external influences: polyester, polyamide, nylon, eco-leather. Fillers can be both synthetic (synthetic, hollow fiber) and natural (down, feather, wool). The latter should be treated with great care and you should not ignore the manufacturer’s recommendations.

3. Standard powders are not suitable for washing down jackets. Use liquid products instead. For cleaning products with natural fillers, it is better to buy a special product that protects the down from damage.

4. If the down coat has natural fur, remove it before washing. If the fur does not come off, it should be combed well with a comb with rare teeth immediately after washing and several times during drying.

5. If the fur is also painted and differs significantly in color from the down coat, it is better to dry-clean it. Fur can be negatively affected by water and it will spoil the product.

6. Make sure that the pockets of the down coat are empty and there are no holes. Be sure to sew up the holes; otherwise, the filler may come out of them.

7. Fasten the down coat and pockets and unhook the hood. That the product is not deformed, nothing should hang when washing.

How to wash a down jacket in a washing machine?

Before washing, turn the down coat inside out.

Put it in the washing machine. To prevent the filler from getting clogged up with lumps, add 2-3 special washing balls or regular tennis balls to the drum.

Pour detergent into the special compartment. Calculate the amount of detergent using the instructions on the package. You can also use conditioner for clothes.

Some machines have a mode for washing down jackets or outerwear. Modes for delicate items, wool, or silk will also work. The water temperature should not exceed 86 °F

If possible, activate the extra rinse function or start it yourself when you have finished washing. This is necessary to ensure that no detergent is left in the down coat.

The filler in the down coat may come off or even come out of the seams at higher speeds.

How to wash a down coat by hands

Pour a little warm water into a large bowl or bath. The temperature should not exceed 86 °F. Dissolve the detergent in water. Calculate the amount of detergent using the instructions on the packaging.

Soak the down coat for 15-30 minutes. Afterwards, gently wash it with a soft brush or sponge. Rubbing parts of the down jacket against each other is not recommended, as is the case with regular clothes.

Slightly squeeze the item and rinse it several times in clean water. You can also add some conditioner to your clothes. Do not twist the down coat otherwise it will deform.

How to dry the down jacket

Undo all the clasps, turn the product from back to front, and pull out your pockets.

Hang the down coat on a hanger. To speed up the process, you can occasionally press parts of the product lightly with your hands.

Hang the down jacket in a dry place away from direct sunlight and heaters.

Do not place the jacket on a battery or any other device.

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