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DJI Mavik Air

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The latest drone from DJI has officially been released. This happened in New York this week at an event with the tag line ‘Adventure Unfolds’. DJI’S Mavic Air comes with advanced features that clearly show that it’s a drone that was made with outdoor photographers, adventurers, film makers and travelers in mind.

Mavic Air is a foldable, travel friendly and portable drone that comes with impressive features and performance ideal for drone enthusiasts looking for a drone capable of capturing unique photos and videos.

This is a results oriented drone that comes with advanced automatic functionality that will definitely deliver excellent results and performance when using it for videos and photos. If you are looking for a stabilized, foldable and easy to use drone then look no further than Mavic Air.
Mavic Air gives you a chance for limitless exploration and adventure anywhere and anytime you want to go out travelling. No matter your expectations when it comes to the best drone for adventure, Mavic Air will get the job done perfectly. Thanks to its high-end and advanced functionality.

Features at a glance…

  • 3D- Environmental sensing
  • 4K Camera
  • 3-Axis Gimbal
  • Portable
  • Foldable
  • Smart Capture
  • 32 Mega Pixels Sphere Panoramas
  • 21-minutes flying time

Mavik Air designed for stability and Portability

Mavic Air is a portable drone that can be carried around very easily. Are you a person who loves to travel and go for an adventure while taking photos and videos? If this describes you then Mavic Air is ideal for a traveler like you.
Anytime you plan to go out and take photos or videos you’ll not need a backpack to carry Mavic Air because of its small size and excellent design. Yes, it’s slightly larger than a smartphone when you fold it but once you pack it won’t take much space. You’ll also be comfortable carrying it around.

Just like the drone part, its controller is easy to fold and carry it with you wherever adventure takes you. The design also makes it easy to fold out the drone and get it ready to fly. Compared to its predecessor (Mavic Pro), Mavic Air is a drone that comes with extra features making it simple and easy to fly.

There are different colors to choose. Mavic Air comes in Black, Red and White colors. The package comes with a battery, a case, extra propellers, guards and its controller.

If you want to go an extra mile then ‘fly more’ is the best option to go for. This will cost more but you’ll get extra batteries, more spares, a hub for charging and a case to carry it wherever you go.

Mavic Pro is 40% heavier than Mavic Air and the latter is also almost half the size of Mavic Pro.


Weight and Size

Mavic Air is 40% lighter than Mavic Pro as it only weighs 0.94lbs. This is impressive considering the fact that it also comes with advanced features compared to its predecessor.

It is lightweight and easily portable making it one of the best drones in 2018 if you are a person who prioritizes portability when buying a drone.

Gimbal and Camera

This drone comes with a 12 mega pixel camera which is the same as Mavic Pro. There is no much difference in-terms of image quality between Mavic Pro and Mavic Air. However, Mavic Air boasts of advanced miniaturization because of its 24mm F2.8 lens with 85-degrees FOV while Mavic Pro comes with a 28mm F2.2 lens with 79 degrees FOV.

According to DJI, there was more emphasis on construction of a gimbal with extra layers to help reduce vibration in Mavic Air compared to what was done when building Mavic Pro.

Mavic Air’s 3-Axis gimble design is so far the smallest camera found on the market. Mavic Air captures quality videos and photos thanks to the 4K resolution capable of capturing videos at 3840 by 2160 pixels. This captures a huge amount of data which basically means that a huge micro-sd card is required to store your photos and videos.

Mavic Air offers you a great platform to capture a wide variety of activities while taking advantage of its high end functionality.


Mavic Air’s controller is portableand lightweight similar to what Mavic Pro comes with. You can easily use it with an iPhone or any type of smartphone to a distance of up to 4km per 2.5mi. If the place you want to store this controller has limited space you do not have to worry because you can always remove its flight control sticks in order to fit easily. This is a feature that was included in Mavic Air with busy adventurers in mind.

Gesture Control

This is a very important feature for users who do not want the controller to be seen while filming themselves doing something. It’s a feature that makes it easy to control the drone while using motions.
The gesture motion in Mavic Air is more advanced, reliable and it also comes with a high precision compared to the same feature in previous drones by DJI. Its obstacle avoidance capability is also more advanced and you do not have to worry about this drone hitting an obstacle when using gesture control.

Battery Life

Mavic Air comes with a battery life of 21 minutes which is slightly lower than Mavic Pro. 21 minutes are enough for an adventurous person to capture as many photos and videos.
Isn’t it just excellent that the manufacturer of this drone managed to pack 21 minute battery power into a small, potable, and easily foldable drone like Mavic Air?
If 21 minutes are not enough for you to finish what you want to accomplish with this drone, you can always carry an extra battery to continue capturing as many photos as you want.

Sensors and Flight

Mavic Air is one of the fastest drones by DJI. It can fly far at a speed of 42.6mph especially when in sport mode. You can always find this mode on its controller.
After testing it during its launch a few days ago in New York, it was found that Mavic Air can launch up to 16,404 feet above the sea level.
Its 3-Directional sensor assisted by Advanced Pilot Assistance System helps this drone to stop and avoid obstacles along the way.
Advanced Pilot Assistance System is ideal for beginners and new flyers. This is a good feature especially if a pilot has not mastered the art of flying the drone and avoiding obstacles along the way.

Range Speed and Memory

Mavic Air comes with 8 GB memory which is enough to get a lot if you are out taking photos and videos. However, if you are shooting 4K videos this might force you to carry an extra micro-SD card.
Mavic Air drone is a stable drone even in bad weather conditions. Even if winds are a high 22mph this drone will still fly easily which therefore means that you can take it with you to high grounds like mountains.
The moment you set it to sport mode, Mavic Air will fly at 42 mph which is pretty cool. The only disadvantage flying this drone at a high speed while in sport mode is that it can be quite difficult to detect obstacles.
If you want to enjoy flying the Mavic Air you should know what drone flying regulations in your area state.


This drone comes with an operational ceiling of up to 5000m/16,404 feet. This means that you can take it out there and film mountaineers no matter the altitude. The manufacturer clearly stated during its launch that Mavic Air is the fastest of all their Mavic drones. At a speed of 42.5mph when it is in sport mode.

Pros Cons
Potable Fly time is 21 minutes only
Foldable easily
Quality videos and photos
Easy control
High-end functionality and performance.

Samlpe footage

Mavic Pro Vs Mavic Air

  Mavik Pro Mavik Air
WEIGHT 1.62lbs
BATTERY 3830mAh 2375mAh
7.79 x 3.26 x 3.26 inches
6.61 x 3.26 x 1.92 inches
FLY TIME 27 minutes
21 minutes

Where to buy, what price?

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