Best Cute Yoga Mats 2021

I’m pleased to show you the best and CUTE YOGA MATS on the market.

# 1.Cute Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mat

– cute yoga mat with pink color

  • Color:Bright Marrakesh
  • Textured non-slip surface
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Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mat


  • Lightweight, flexible, foldable, and portable
  • educe slipping, injuries
  • patterned yoga mat
  • printed yoga mat
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# 3. Aurorae Premium Eco Safe Yoga Mat

  • Safe/Non Toxic. No Phthalates, Phenols, PAHS, Latex, Silicone or Rubber
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Aurorae Premium Eco Safe Yoga Mat

# 4. Aimerday Premium Extra Thick Yoga Mat High Density

  • high density PVC material
  • funny yoga mat
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Aimerday Premium Extra Thick Yoga Mat High Density

How to choose the best and cute yoga mat – Buyer’s Guide

An ideal yoga mat should not be slippery. Otherwise, while doing asanas and vinyasas your arms and legs will move in all directions. Moreover, the more intensive your training, the more important this condition is. The Yogin and Yogin Extra mats are the “stickiest” among the models presented. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that the mat stickiness is inversely proportional to its lifespan since the soft one tends to rub off fast.

It should not stretch. Almost all yoga mats have reinforcing nets inside. They do not allow mats to stretch and, in addition, they strengthen them and increase durability. There are lightweight mats without nets. They are light and compact and you can fold it just like a piece of cloth. Although they compare poorly with the reinforced ones.

It should absorb moisture well. When you actively engage in intensive exercises, this is especially urgent. If the mat does not absorb sweat, you will glide on it as if you are on a skating rink in an hour and a half. The looser the mat surface is, the better it absorbs moisture.

It should be symmetric. For instance, Reebok manufactures mats with beveled edges. It is problematic to maintain the symmetry of the asanas on this kind of rag because you have to perform them as if “at an angle”. The rectangular mat shape is the best.

Let us consider the variations.

First, the length comes.
When you perform the static exercise, you should choose the mat equal to your height +5-10 cm. If you actively engage in the intensive practice, it is better to use the mat 20-30 cm longer than your height.

The width comes second.
Standard yoga mats are 60 cm wide and for most people, this is an ample width. When your size is too big for that, it is better to choose a wider mat. For example, you can use the 80-centimeter Rishikesh.

The thickness is third. 
The thinner the mat, the lighter and more compact it is. On the other hand, such one is harder and it does not conserve heat.

The best thickness of the mat is about 4.5-6 mm. Such a mat will not let you get cold on the floor and experience discomfort while resting on the knee or in the inverted positions. The thicker mat is not sustainable. If you are going to carry your rug for training far from your home, you should choose 3 mm one. It is more convenient to travel with it and store it.

How often clean yoga mat

The manufacturers lubricate all yoga mats and they do not stick together during storage. That is why you should wash a new mat in hot water or in the washer without detergent. Otherwise, you will glide on it.

When the mat gets dirty, you should hand-wash it or use washer again because it improves its “stickiness”.

You can store your yoga mat folded. It is important to fold it with the bottom side inwards. Otherwise, the edges of your mat will eventually start to bend up and it will look like a magic flying carpet. It is better not to bend the mat while storage in order not to get clear grooves and the rubber in the bent places will erase faster.

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