Best Heated Ski Gloves – How To Choose

While they seem like a simple thing to buy, best heated ski gloves are complex products. If you choose any model, freezing numb hands may destroy all the joy of your ski vacation. Before buying a pair, you must think about whether you need mitts or gloves, what their thickness and materials should be, and much more.

Best Choice

Savior Heated Gloves.

The Best Heated Ski Gloves.
This model is my favorite, and not only because of its qualities. The manufacturer provides detailed information as to the materials used for the product.These are top rated gloves according to testing results. They are the warmest and highest quality. Can be used for skiing, snowboarding or motorcycle.

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Savior Heated Gloves

Best Heated Ski Gloves On The Market

To help you pick the proper model, we’ve gathered the 5 best into a handy guide + some bonus useful info at the end of it.

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Best Choice
Savior Heated Gloves review
Savior Heated Gloves
  • The best heated winter gloves
  • Sizes: XS to XL
  • Materials: fleece shell; goat leather palm

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Also great
Ravean Heated Ski Gloves review
Ravean Heated Ski Gloves
  • A smaller glove for shorter fingers
  • Sizes: S/M and L/XL
  • Materials: acrylic and nylon shell; microfleece lining

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Best Value
Nueve&Five Heated Gloves review
Nueve&Five Heated Gloves
  • Entire glove can be used
  • Sizes: S/M to XL
  • Materials: acrylic, nylon, spandex, and copper yarn

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Non-Slip Grip
Begleri Heated Gloves review
Begleri Heated Gloves
  • Anti-skid and windproof gloves
  • Sizes: S to XL
  • Materials: fleece shell; goat leather palm

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Ergonomic Fit
PAXCESS Heated Gloves review
PAXCESS Heated Gloves
  • Ergonomic Pre-Curved Fit
  • Sizes: S to XL
  • Materials: acrylic and nylon shell; microfleece lining

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1. Savior – Best Heated Ski Gloves in 2020

Savior - Best Heated Gloves in 2020
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Materials and Design

The Savior heated gloves’ shell is 60% polyester and 40% lambskin – a perfect combination of natural and synthetic elements. The insulation layer consists of soft cotton that hides the heating elements and rechargeable batteries.

The back shell is made of carbon fiber, and in combination with the other layers, it provides both breathability and humidity protection. The gloves are very easy to put on and adjust to the wrist size due to the loop fastener and a buckle-type hook.

Physical Qualities and Performance

Lithium-ion batteries heat quickly when turned on. Took me 30 seconds to feel their work. There are three modes of warming your hands, but the higher the level, the faster the batteries go low.

The heat elements warm the back of the hand and the fingers – the areas they get cold easily and quickly. It’s good for people with arthritis and those who always have cold hands due to blood circulation problems. They are great for any kind of winter sports: hiking, skiing, snowboarding, biking, camping, etc.

Quality and Warranty

The company provides 1-year quality assurance. In case your electric gloves break unexpectedly or arrive with defects, you can contact them to solve the problem. But I haven’t heard of any stories like that, and my pair is still as good as a new one.


Make sure you charge the batteries once the gloves arrive. Because of a long journey, the batteries must be low, and some users complain that the gloves don’t work.

When you turn the gloves on the first time, the heat setting is automatically high by design. To reduce it, press the ON/OFF button one more time, repeat if you want a light heat, and do it again if you want to turn them off.

You’ll see the level on the illuminated surface:

  • Three bars mean high heat;
  • Two bars mean medium;
  • One bar means light.

Note: don’t machine wash the gloves, use spot cleaning only to avoid heat element damage.

It feels good to know what exactly you’re wearing, without smarty tech terms. I would recommend these to the newbies in skiing and snowboarding as well, it’s a great premium basic.

        • Fast heat;
        • Quality materials;
        • Large warming area;
        • Glove design (more mobility);
        • Durability.
        • Mediocre runtime on the high setting;
        • Charging time at least 4 hours (but that’s reasonable).

2.Ravean – Fast Charging and Reasonable Use

Ravean Heated Ski Gloves
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Materials and Design

The Ravean gloves and mitts are light and have a very thoughtful pre-curved structure. Your hands should be comfortable in their natural position in these. The Hydro-Tex waterproof shell makes the product good for high humidity, and goat leather palm reinforcement improves durability. The Thinsulate insulation provides overall warmth even without the batteries. It also makes the gloves and mitts more lightweight and comfortable.

A hook-and-loop construction helps make the gloves fit any wrist. Besides, there’s a snow cuff to make sure the snow doesn’t get into your sleeves. The zipper on the glove contains the batteries, the ON/OFF button is right beside it.

Physical Qualities and Performance

The heat from the 7.4v batteries lasts for up to 6.5 hours on the lowest setting. The time decreases to about 2.5 hours on the highest one. There are also three levels of warmth control, so you can play with them to make sure you make the most usage time out of one charge.

It takes about 2-3 hours to charge the batteries, according to the manufacturer. However, there are no extra batteries on the market, so there’s no way to take an extra set on a long day out.

Another great feature – you can use a touchscreen in these! You won’t have to take the gloves off to use your phone or tablet and have your hands freeze to numbness.


You control the heat of the electric gloves with one button that is on the wrist part. It has a battery life indicator, so you can always see how much time you have left. Press the button once to turn it on, further presses will change the temperature setting.

This is another great pair of heated winter gloves that I decided to test only because they’re the US Ski Team choice. And I wasn’t disappointed, other than by the weight of the batteries. They hurt my wrist a bit, but maybe it’s because of my watch or the overall size of the glove.

        • Official US Ski Team supplier;
        • Up to 6.5 hours of use;
        • 3-level heat settings;
        • Durability;
        • Fast charging (2-3 hours).
        • The battery pack is quite bulky;
        • No extra batteries.

3.Nueve&Five – Multi-functionality

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Materials and Design

The materials of these Nueve&Five gloves are aimed at lightweight and the balance between water protection and breathability. The shell of the model is made of taslan nylon and cation oxford. They state using exactly 40 grams of insulation just to let everyone know how they try to make the product light.

It didn’t tell me a lot since I don’t know how many grams of insulation a glove should have. But its performance shows that 40 g is just alright.

The palm has reinforcements from sheepskin and nubuck, which adds kudos to the durability. The combination of lining and membrane help achieve water and wind resistance. There’s also a wrist cuff with a cinch cord and soft inner surface for extra comfort.

Physical Qualities and Performance

The warming time for these gloves is 20 seconds, after which you feel pleasant warmth on the back of the hand and each finger, including the thumb. This model is great for any outdoor activity and as a remedy for the people suffering from arthritis or problems with blood circulation.

Traditionally, the gloves have 3 heating levels:

  • The low level is 100-110F and keeps the charge for 6 hours;
  • The medium – 120-130F and 3.5 hours;
  • The high – 140-150F and 2 hours.

The charging time is about 4 hours, which seems reasonable. The 7.4v lithium-polymer battery capacity is 2200mAh.

This model also allows you to use a touchscreen with the index fingers.


The “control panel”, as they call it, is on the outer part of the wrist. There are three lights that all shine when you’re on the highest setting. To change it, press the button repeatedly. Check the indicator from time to time, as the button is easily tapped and activated.

Again, make sure you charge the battery fully (till the lights turn green) before the first usage. And also, remember that battery-heated gloves aren’t machine washable.

I love long detailed descriptions of the products I’m about to use, so the information about the materials made me want to try this model. I’d love it to work for a longer time, but 2 hours on the highest setting is pretty reasonable, so I don’t complain. I recommend this product for mild temperature winter vacations where you don’t have to use the highest setting.

  • High quality of materials;
  • Durability;
  • Touchscreen usage;
  • Good for any winter activity.
  • The ON/OFF button is easily tapped.

4.Begleri – Longest Heating

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Materials and Design

These Begleri gloves have 7 layers of material to provide wind and humidity resistance, perspiration absorption, and warmth. The complex contains waterproof lining and membrane, 3M cotton insulation, the heating layer, thermal cloth, etc. It protects the wrist well with an adjustable drawstring. With the right size, your hands should feel free to move and snug in the gloves at the same time.

The materials are supposed to keep your hands safe and warm while running, skiing, hiking, ice skating, etc.

Physical Qualities and Performance

This is where these gloves get really interesting. They are equipped with 7000mAh batteries that heat the gloves in 5 seconds. There are three heat settings, as usual, but:

  • The highest setting work time is 6-7 hours at 150F;
  • The medium one – 9-10 hours at 135F;
  • The lowest one – 14-15 hours at 125F.

15 hours of hand warmth means these are perfect for long hiking and camping trips. 125F isn’t that low of a temperature, considering most other gloves have 110F as the lowest setting.

Touchscreen usage is also available using the index fingers.

Quality and Warranty

The manufacturer provides all buyers with a 3-year warranty. In case there are problems with the gloves you’re not responsible for, make sure to contact the seller.


The ON/OFF button is slightly higher than usual, on the back of the hand. It’s a very convenient decision since these buttons are easily clickable and when they’re on the wrists, you can accidentally turn the gloves on and off or change the heat setting.

The warming elements cover the back of the hand and all the fingers, and you can regulate the settings by pressing the control button repeatedly.

  • 7-layer construction;
  • 7000mAh battery;
  • Touchscreen use;
  • Durability;
  • Charge kept for up to 15 hours.
  • The heat doesn’t always cover fingers fully.

5.PAXCESS – Durability and Usage Comfort

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Materials and Design

The PAXESS gloves are very durable thanks to their nylon+tpu shell. It’s breathable yet wind- and water-resistant. Underneath, there’s a layer of 3M cotton insulation, and under that, there’s another velvet layer for extra warmth and absorption.

Their structure allows you to use the lower heat settings and still get as much warmth as possible.

Physical Qualities and Performance

The gloves are equipped with 3.7v lithium-ion batteries you can recharge. They have 4000mAh capacity, which is very nice compared to the average 2000mAh batteries. The LED indicator makes it easy to see which setting you’re on:

  • The lowest setting is in blue, it’s 104-113F and lasts 6.5-6.8 hours;
  • The medium one is in white, 122-131F, lasts 4-4.5 hours;
  • The highest one is in red, 140-150F, lasts 2.5-3 hours.

The charging time is about 4-5 hours, which is a standard.

The model also allows touchscreen use with the index finger.


To turn the glove on, press and hold the control button for 2 seconds. You’ll see a blinking red light that will change to permanent as the device turns on completely. To turn it off, press and hold the button again.

To change the settings, simply press it. You’ll see a color change, which indicates you’ve changed the setting.

  • Safety and water resistance;
  • Touchscreen usage;
  • Durability;
  • Convenient use.
  • The sizes are smaller than expected.

Buyer’s Guide: Mitts or Gloves, Materials, Special Features, and Sizing

How To Choose Heated Ski and Snowboard Gloves?

Your choice should depend on personal preferences and the temperatures you’ll be skiing in:

  • Mitts are less comfortable for most people but they provide superior warmth. Four fingers share the same space, warming each other.
  • Gloves are more convenient functionality-wise but they don’t provide as much warmth. Although your gloves may be made out of the warmest material, when every finger is isolated, it’s easier to get cold.
  • Lobster mitts combine the best qualities of both types. These have three fingers in one compartment, with the index finger and the thumb isolated. It’s more convenient to use them and they are warm enough.

Make sure you find out more information about the climate of the place you’re about to travel to. It will help you choose the best model that will provide the most mobility and temperature comfort.

Materials Used for the Shell, Membrane, Insulation, Lining, and Palms

The warmth and grip factors are decided by the materials used for a particular model of ski gloves. There are patented combinations as well as the good old goose feather. When choosing your pair, remember how fast your hands get cold. It depends not only on the outside temperature but on your body functions as well.

Shell Materials

  • Leather.
    Long-lasting, water- and windproof, this natural material in combination with a porous membrane will protect your hands from the strongest cold. Natural materials are getting out of fashion, though, due to ethical reasons, so there are other options.
  • Nylon.
    Out of all synthetic materials used for ski gloves shell nylon is the most popular, combined with a breathable membrane. It’s waterproof and used in both soft- and hard-shell mitts and gloves.

Membrane Materials

The main function of the membrane is to make sure your hands breathe. They can get wet not only due to the permeable shell but due to human perspiration as well. The membrane is a porous material that is too thick to let moisture in from the outside, but the pores are still wide enough to let the vapor out.

Here are some of the patented membranes:

  • Gore-Tex.
    Gloves with this membrane have the perfect combination of waterproof and vapor-permeating elements.
  • Windstopper.
    This one provides superior windproof and is perfect for a cold dry environment. The material keeps your hands warm and mobile.
  • R-Tex.
    This patent is only used by Reusch, it provides great material adaptation and stretching. It’s water- and wind-resistant, a good choice for both humid and dry conditions.

Insulation Materials

Insulation is responsible for keeping your hands warm without restricting mobility. Bulky gloves are warm but difficult to move hands in, so manufacturers developed better and thinner insulation:

  • Down fill.
    This kind of fill is light and warm, perfect for dry conditions but not that suitable for the humid snowy environment.
  • Fiberfill.
    Plain polyester fiber is an adequate choice for any weather conditions. It’s good in case you’re not sure what the weather will be like.
  • Primaloft.
    Although not as warm as the Down fill, this one protects your hands even if the humidity is high. It consists of a synthetic microfiber that helps the breathing aspect of the gloves.
  • R-Loft.
    Again, Reusch-only material, adequate in all aspects.

Lining Materials

Moving deeper under the surface of the gloves or mitts for skiing, there’s the lining – the layer closest to the surface of the hands. You can choose one of the following types:

  • Wool;
  • Synthetic;
  • Fleece.

Synthetic liners are very popular nowadays due to their ability to attract sweat from the surface of the skin and pass it farther to the membrane and out of the glove.

Palm Reinforcement Materials

Any high-quality ski glove should allow you to grab things and hold them tight. Areas that get the most contact, such as palms and fingertips, need extra reinforcement to increase durability. For that, an extra layer of material is used in those areas. It can be:

  • Leather – natural;
  • Vinyl – synthetic, extra durable.

Special Features of Ski Gloves for More Comfort

There are three main features to consider:

  • Zip pockets.
    These are more multifunctional than you might think. First of all, you can put warmers there during extra frosty days. Besides, you can keep the zippers open during the warmer days for extra ventilation.
  • Cuff style.
    Cuffs are used to keep your wrists comfortable and snow-free. The choice should depend on your jacket style and the way you like to wear gloves. There are models with cuffs that go under the jacket and on it.
  • Nose wipe.
    The peak of human ingenuity, there’s a soft and highly absorbing area on one or both gloves (usually on the thumbs) to help you keep your nose dry.
  • Wrist guards.
    Especially relevant for snowboarding, in some gloves, the wrist area is more protected to avoid heavy impact.
  • Battery heating.
    A lot of models have recharging batteries to heat your hands in extra cold temperatures. There are different heating levels and battery capacities, depending on how warm you want to get and how long you need it to last.

Choosing the Right Fit

The ideal size is the one that isn’t too tight but not too large either. The glove or the mitt has to sit snugly on your hand. But when you make a fist, it also shouldn’t be tight, you don’t have to make an effort to move your fingers. Your wrist has to be covered at all times, too. The biggest problem new skiers encounter is choosing the gloves that are too small.

In case you’re choosing battery heated ski gloves, make sure they are snug even with the batteries in them. Also, remember that you might wear a watch or a tracking bracelet, which will increase the size of the wrist.

Research Before Buying Ski Gloves

To be sure your gear is perfect for the journey, take some time to research the market before you buy the best ski heated gloves for cold hands. Learning about the composition and usage of the said gear will help you make the most logical choice. As ski resorts get more and more attention, the equipment diversity and functionality improves. So why not find something that fits your particular case rather than buying something general and rest in discomfort?

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