Best Beach Chairs in 2021 (SUMMER)

best beach chairs

Beach chairs help you to stay comfortable when you’re out enjoying time at the beach or some other outdoor area. Although it might seem like just about any seating option would be better than none, there are some features you want to look for to find the best beach chair for your specific needs. Besides for the specific materials used in the making of the chair, you want to look for additional options that will be handy for what you want to do while you are enjoying your time outdoors. To help you with making your decision, take a look at our four tips for choosing the right beach chair for you. We know where to buy best beach chairs!

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Choose the Right Size

Beach chairs come in a wide range of sizes. You want to look at the back height, how high the seat sits off of the ground, and the width of the seat. Depending on how much relaxing you would like to do while you are out, you want to be sure that the back comes up high enough for you to lean your head back. However, shorter backs are often more comfortable during transport if you have to carry the chair very far. The top rated beach chair on our list sits low to the ground, giving you more stability with the low center of gravity. If you have trouble getting up or sitting down, you may want to choose a beach chair that has a higher seat. Seat width is an important factor, as wider seats are more accommodating for larger individuals. But again, narrower seats may be easier to tote around with you depending on how much you can collapse the chair. 


Select Your Materials

Frames can be made from aluminum, steel, wood, or various types of plastic. The composition of the frame not only affects the durability of your beach chair but the carrying weight as well. Today’s beach chairs are designed to be more lightweight and portable for convenience. As for the fabric, there are options here as well. Beach chairs are made with strong, weather-resistant fabric, most often strong polyester to resist rips and tears. If you will be sitting in the chair while you are wet, you may want to choose a mesh weave of other type of moisture-wicking fabric to allow for quick drying when not in use. 


Determine Your Portability Needs

When choosing your beach chair, you will want to decide how important it is to be able to fold or carry it from Point A to Point B and back again. Most beach chairs of today come with carrying straps or can be collapsed and put into a carrying bag. Some chairs fold fairly flat to be carried comfortably like a backpack with no slippage from side to side. Other types of beach chairs fold in to fit in a long, narrow bag that can be carried across one shoulder. When it comes to portability, you will also want to consider how much the beach chair weighs. You can purchase the most perfect beach chair in just about every way, but it will not help if you cannot carry it to where you want to go. The heaviest chair on our list weighs in at about 8.5 pounds. 


Decide on Features

Not all beach chairs come with cup holders, so make sure the one you choose has this feature if it is important to you. Some chairs have attached pillows, providing additional comfort while you are relaxing. A towel bar can come in handy to hang up wet items to dry in between uses. If you want to keep track of your keys, phone, and other small items, you might want to choose a chair with a zippered pouch. Some beach chairs even come with small cooler pouches to keep foods or drinks cold for you to enjoy on a hot day 5 position recliner, including lay flat

Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chairs

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These beach chairs are attractive with a blue and green brush-stroke look. The frame is made of aluminum, making it both lightweight and rustproof from exposure to water. 600 Denier polyester fabric is designed to withstand normal wear and tear. There are multiple reclining positions, so you can get comfortable no matter what your lounging style may be. The provided pillow can be adjusted with velcro, giving you a comfortable head rest no matter which reclining position you choose. The tall seat back accommodates users of most heights, while the wide seat can hold individuals up to 300 pounds. Molded arm rests prevent injuries and provide comfort. 

When folded nearly flat, the dimensions of the beach chair are 27x3x23 inches. At just under 8 pounds, this chair is easy to transport wherever you wish to go. An attached rubber carry strap provides strength and grip, so you can carry your beach chair even if your hands are wet. In the alternative, you can carry this beach chair on your back like a backpack, leaving your hands free to carry other items or to keep your balance while navigating uneven terrain. The back straps are padded for comfort and stability. 

You get some added extras with the Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chairs. There is a towel bar that folds down when not in use. You can use this to hang wet towels or to keep clothing off the ground when not in use. There are two zippered storage pouches on the back of each beach chair, keeping your valuables secure while you move the chair from one place to another. One of these pouches is insulated, allowing you to enjoy cold beverages or snacks. Hanging from one armrest you will find a cell phone pouch and a cup holder, keeping those items you need within easy reach while you relax. 

      • 5 position recliner, including lay flat
      • Only 7.7 pounds
      • Lots of features
      • Easy to transport
      • Bar under seat may be uncomfortable to some users
      • Plastic parts may break
      • Fabric edges prone to fraying
      • Back may not be tall enough for those over 6′ in height

Rio Beach Lace-Up Suspension Folding Backpack Beach Chair

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Like many other beach chairs, this one has an aluminum frame that is a lightweight 8 pounds and rust-resistant. The 600 denier fabric provides strength for everyday use, accommodating individuals up to 240 pounds. This beach chair is available in many color options, including solids and prints. It is easy to adjust this chair without pinching your fingers, so changing the recline position is a breeze. The included pillow is large and can be adjusted for your comfort. Wide, molded armrests let you relax in style. 

One of the features that makes this beach chair a little different is the height of the seat. Traditional beach chairs only sit about 8 inches off the ground, while the Rio Beach Lace-Up Suspension Folding Backpack Beach Chair sits 11 inches off the ground for easier sitting and standing during use. The lace-up suspension holds you securely while comfortably conforming to your curves. There is a special tilt lock that keeps the chair secure, so you do not have to worry about the beach chair closing while in use. Reinforced stitching helps to reduce tearing and fraying at 16 key points of construction. The backpack straps are completely adjustable for comfort and security. 

This chair has a large storage pouch on the back that is closed with straps. This pouch is big enough to carry a towel and other items. There is a small inner pocket that has a velcro closure to keep items secure. There is a removable cup holder for your convenience. 

      • 4 recline positions
      • Adjustable backpack straps
      • Higher seat
      • 42.8 x 25.5 x 5.1 inches when closed
      • Does not fully recline
      • Bar under legs can be uncomfortable
      • Stitches may fray
      • May be hard to fold


STRONGBACK Low Gravity Beach Chair with Lumbar Support

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Available in several two-tone fabric styles and colors, this beach chair is attractive and durable. The 600 denier fabric is made to stand up to regular wear and tear. The steel frame with black powder coat is heavy duty, allowing the chair to hold individuals of up to 300 pounds. At 8 pounds, this chair is light enough to carry with you wherever you go. The carry bag has two straps, allowing you to sling it over your shoulder or to wear as a backpack for hands-free use. Padded armrests support your arms in comfort. 

The STRONGBACK Low Gravity Beach Chair with Lumbar Support has an ergonomic design that is meant to support your hips and back properly so that you will not experience the back pain that is often associated with regular beach and camp chairs. The frame is bent to support the lower back. The seat angles downward toward the back to sit only 4 inches off the ground, providing stability with a low center of gravity. Wide feet help keep you from sinking in different environments. This chair comes with a cup holder and a carry bag. 

Although the chair is low and angled to support hips and back, the very low profile can make it difficult to get up once you are seated. Additionally, the arm rests angle downward and are not very long or wide, providing minimal support. The seat is narrow compared to some other chairs, so even though it holds up to 300 pounds, larger individuals might not feel comfortable. 

      • Ergonomically designed
      • Supports back and hips
      • Low profile provides stability

      • Does not recline
      • Low profile may cause difficulty getting up
      • May be difficult to open and close

Portable Folding Beach Chair 5 Position

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The rustproof aluminum frame for this chair is durable and can hold individuals of up to 250 pounds. The fabric is double-sided polyester with double stitching to hold up for seasons of enjoyment. You can choose from several beach-ready patterns and colors to suit your personal sense of style. At only 7 pounds, this chair is easy to transport from car to beach and back again. The enclosed brackets allow you to change the recline setting easily without pinching your fingers. Wooden armrests are coated to protect from surf and sun, and they stay fairly level in most of the reclining positions. 

Though the product description claims that it boasts extra-wide seating, it is 20 inches, the same as traditional beach chairs. With the 3-year warranty provided by the manufacturer, you can rest assured that this Portable Folding Beach Chair 5 Position by 690Grand is meant to last. The chair folds flat and has a strap so you can carry your chair over one shoulder. As shipped, the product dimensions are listed as 33x27x8 inches. 

There are some great features with this beach chair. The soft headrest provides ample support and cushioning. A collapsible towel bar lets you hang up wet items or those things you want to keep off of the ground. On one arm, you will find a storage pouch. A zippered section lets you keep small items and valuables secure. Another portion on the front of the pouch has a velcro closure for storing items for easy access. There is also a special hole in the side to keep your headphone cord from getting tangled while in use. On the other arm, there is a swing-out plastic cup holder that stays beneath the arm and out of the way when you do not need it. 

      • Lays flat and has 5 reclining positions
      • Lightweight at 7 pounds
      • Lots of features

      • May collapse if windy outside
      • Some users had a hard time getting up
      • Difficult to change recline positions

WEJOY Lightweight 4-Position Lay Flat Folding Beach Chair

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This beach chair also has a sturdy aluminum frame that withstands rust. It is designed to be durable while remaining lightweight at 6.6 pounds. Although there is only one color options, it is an attractive two-tone blue that is perfect for the beach. You can recline in several positions, allowing you to get comfortable no matter where you may be. Slubbed fabric has a texture that helps to keep you cool, even on hot days. This beach chair can accommodate individuals up to 264 pounds. This chair also has an attached pillow for your head and molded armrests. 

The chair is portable and folds flat with closed dimensions of 26.4×25.6×4.3 inches. There is a ribbon strap with a padded shoulder rest so that you can carry the chair with you over one shoulder. The seat width is 20 inches and sits 7.5 inches off of the ground, making it a bit on the low side. While this can make it a little more difficult getting in and out of the seat, it provides more stability to prevent tipping. 

In addition to the attached head pillow, this beach chair has other added features as well. The side pouch has two sections. One section has a flap closure and can fit your cell phone, sunscreen, or other beach necessities. The other part of the pouch is a cup holder, allowing you to keep your drink within easy reach. 

      • Very lightweight at under 7 pounds
      • Storage pocket and cup holder
      • 4 reclining positions

      • Storage pouch does not secure
      • Fabric gets dirty easily
      • Not as durable as suggested

Rio Beach Big Boy Backpack Chair

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The Rio Beach Big Boy Backpack Chair is designed for larger individuals, yet folds down to carry easily. The dimensions of this seat when closed are 31.5x28x4.5 inches. Two straps are adjustable and padded, making it easy and comfortable to carry like a backpack. The molded armrests are built wide with a special mechanism to prevent pinching while moving into the various reclining positions. The 600 denier fabric is designed to stand up to everyday use, while reinforced stitching provides more security. The aluminum frame is sturdy and rustproof to stand up to beach use. 

At 11 pounds, this beach chair is at the high end but still considered to be lightweight. However, it is a large size that can hold persons up to 300 pounds in weight. The wider, 22-inch seat sits up higher off of the ground than most at 13 inches to better accommodate larger body shapes. This makes getting in and out of the chair much easier than the traditional low-slung styles. A locking bracket provides stability to prevent tipping when getting in and out of the chair. 

The large, contoured pillow is removable, allowing you to set up your beach chair for maximum comfort. A large storage pouch can hold up to three large beach towels and closes with velcro to keep items inside secure. The attached cup holder keeps your favorite beverage within arms reach. 

      • 4 reclining positions
      • Larger size for comfort
      • Easily carries like a backpack

      • Cup holder is small
      • Support bar on back of chair could break
      • Stitching unravels fairly quickly

Best Beach Chair For Kids

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Chair

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When you are looking for child-sized comfort in a kid-friendly style, this Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Chair fits the bill. Pink butterfly pattern is adorable for kids. Sturdy metal frame holds seating that is made with thick, easy-to-clean fabric with reinforced edges for durability. This chair is recommended for kids from 3 to 5 years of age by the manufacturer. 

The beach chair is 25x13x13 inches. At just under 2 pounds, it is easy for the child to carry alone or to add to the parent’s load. The wide cloth arms boast a mesh cup holder, so kids can enjoy their favorite beverage or a snack while relaxing indoors or out. Wide feet make the chair stable on a wide range of surfaces. The chair folds easily open or closed by pulling the legs apart or together and can be stored in the convenient matching carrying case. 

      • Locks on front two legs for security
      • 40 pound weight limit
      • Sturdy construction

      • Arm rests and cup holder may tear
      • Prone to mechanical failure
      • Hard to fit into carrying case

Kelsyus Kid’s Canopy Chair

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Kids can have fun in the sun in style with this beach chair. Made in an attractive two-tone blue, this chair folds down for portability. The basic quad-style of this camp chair makes it stable to use on sand or soil. The steel frame is of durable construction as is the outdoor fabric that is used. This seat can support children up to 75 pounds. The manufacturer states that it is to be used for ages 3 and up. 

There is a canopy that provides protection from the sun. When not needed, this canopy folds to the back for convenience. The canopy can be folded and snapped around the closed chair to be carried as a backpack with padded, adjustable straps. Weighing in at less than 5 pounds, kids can carry this chair by themselves. This beach chair includes a cup holder and an overhead utility pocket. 

Although the Kelsyus Kid’s Canopy Chair is strong and durable enough to hold kids up to 75 pounds, it is much smaller than what one would expect to fit a 6 or 7 year old. With dimensions of 11x15x32, this chair is best reserved for kids who are 5 years of age or younger. 

      • Durable and functional
      • Easy to close and carry
      • Comfortable, padded armrests

      • Much smaller than expected
      • A little heavy to be easily carried by kids
      • Canopy takes a lot of room

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