Best Beach Blankets

If you like taking trips to the beach, you’re bringing along some kind of blanket to lie on. You may just simply bring along an ordinary towel and that works fine. Other people might prefer to have a blanket that’s actually meant to be used at a beach. When it comes to the best beach blanket, there aren’t too many factors that matter. As long as it’s comfortable to lie on and reaches from head to toe, it’ll work. Other than that, all that matters is to find a color or decorative design that you happen to like. If you’re on the search for a top rated beach blanket, here are seven of them. 

WellaX Sandfree Beach Blanket

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This beach blanket covers enough ground for an adult to lie on. It’s sand proof, so any sand that happens to end up on it will easily brush off. Not only is this blanket big enough for one person, it’s big enough for multiple people. You can relax on this blanket with your siblings or a group of friends. It can collapse which makes it super easy to carry between the car and the beach. It’s made from strong and durable fabric that’s meant to last. It has corner pockets that will secure it down and a water proof case to hold any personal belongings. 

Live Infinitely

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The second beach blanket is very similar to the first. Its size is big enough for multiple people to lay on at once. Any sand that ends up on it can be brushed off. It’s made out of soft nylon material that’s heat and water resistant. It has weightable pockets that you can fill in order to hold the blanket down. There are also four anchoring loops with metal stakes. It’s able to fold down and fit into an included travel pouch. This makes it easy to bring along to the beach or anywhere else you want to use it. 

Yodo Waterproof Blanket

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The third blanket is extra large, so there’s room to fit everyone who came along to the beach. This blanket is also light weight and can fold down to be portable. It’s water proof and won’t be affected by moisture from the ground underneath it. It has a plastic backing that can easily be cleaned of any stains. Any sand that ends up on it can easily be brushed or shaken off. This blanket is perfect for the beach or any other outdoor event. 

Eccosophy Outdoor Beach Blanket

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Blanket number four is also a large sized blanket that can fit multiple people. It’s also sand free; there’s no worrying about sand sticking to the blanket. It’s made out of nylon fabric which is soft and comfortable. Any water that happens to end up on it will dry quickly. It’s heat resistant and won’t end up being too hot to sit or lay on. It can be collapsed into a travel pouch to make it portable. It’s triple stitched in order to be long lasting. This blanket also has weightable pockets that can be used to secure the blanket into place. 

Angemay Outdoor & Picnic Blanket

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Just like the four blankets mentioned above, this blanket is over sized. It’s big enough to fit everyone who came along to the beach. It can fold and shrink down to make it easy to carry around. It’s water and sand proof. Its use isn’t limited to just the beach. It’s made from polyester which is strong, durable and comfortable. No matter how much use it gets, it’s meant not to tear. It has a water proof backing that can be wiped down. Any sand that ends up on it can be easily shaken off. 

WildHorn Outfitters

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The final beach blanket has all the qualities of the blankets mentioned before it. It’s over sized to be laid on by multiple people. It can be compressed into a pouch and weightlessly carried around. It’s made from durable nylon that’s meant to last throughout the years. Sand won’t stick to it and it’ll dry quickly. It includes anchor pockets that will keep it pinned down. These pockets are suppose to be filled with sand, but can hold personal belongings instead. There are also extra pockets meant for the personal belongings as well. It can be used in other places besides the beach.

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