Hiking is my biggest hobby

My name is Mark Foster . I am 30 years old, and I am a professional traveler, travel blogger, and copywriter. My goal is to discover unknown worlds and share my impressions with you in my reviews. My blogs are for those who are bored of wasting life on routine work in the office and quiet family joy at the TV or computer screen.

My vast travel experience will allow you to find out the most useful and accurate information. You will never find anything like that in ordinary guides and standard book descriptions. In my reviews, I am always happy to share my discoveries and invite you to appreciate their beauty and originality.

How I changed my life

I am a lawyer by training and could make a normal career as a person in a strict expensive suit and stiff tie. A good education, which I had got, provided me with excellent opportunities for prestigious work with a daily study of business papers and endless meetings.

I cannot say that I felt like an unhappy person. I had (and have) many friends and people close to me who are always ready to lend a helping hand and support me in all endeavors. This is enough for a comfortable life, but too little for a dream come true.

But there is a feeling that you cannot resist. This is the strong desire to move forward to new worlds, to discover places where ordinary tourists do not go, to feel the heady feeling of freedom and independence from the daily routine, annoying boss, and quiet domestic joys.

The wind of wanderings, and an acute desire for change made me change my office to vast expanses, amazing landscapes, stunning views of the corners of nature still unspoiled by human civilization.

Prior to this, I, like many of my compatriots, traveled with a travel company. Together with a crowd of other tourists, I obediently followed the guide, listening to the endless stream of information about local attractions. And every time I felt that I wanted to go back to stroll the same way, but without rushing and crowds around, enjoying every secluded corner and for hours looking at the ancient attraction that I liked.

Now I am a completely happy person – I plunge into my journey without fuss and running around, I do not limit myself to the time frame, I get emotions that I want to share with the rest of the world.

Photo and video

What could a journey be without keeping in memory its most beautiful moments? During my travels, I kept a diary, which became the basis for creating many reviews. They are filled with my photos and videos, which helped convey a storm of emotions and impressions, as well as preserve the memory of what I saw.

My knowledge of travel equipment, photo and video equipment allows me to create author blogs that are illustrated with original pictures.

To date, I have already visited 23 countries and their number is constantly increasing. During my travels, I pay attention to everything: the beauty and grandeur of nature, the way of life of people and their way of communicating, the peculiarities of local architecture and cuisine, historical ruins and modern skyscrapers, mysterious, majestic temples and fun carefree nightclubs.

My blogs are a collection of unusual routes, descriptions of adventures, what I liked most and what caused me negative feelings. Here you will find tips from a seasoned traveler on how to change your life and make it more eventful and diverse.

I am pleased to share with my subscribers all that I have learned and studied myself and I hope that you, like me, are ready for adventure and unforgettable impressions!